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forever hopeful

About the Book

Forever Hopeful is about a teenager, Lynn, who has a hard time with his mother and a fellow student (Tony) who is a bully. With the help of his church youth group, Lynn becomes a Christian, then tries to show the love of Christ---with the help of his good friend Sara,--- to Tony. Eventually, they win Tony and his friend Rachael to the Lord. Before they begin their senior year of high school, Tony talks Lynn into trying out to be the football PAT kicker. Lynn's mother is against him playing football, but his dad gives him permission and Tony coaches him.

Lynn does very well at this position and they call him Mr. Automatic, until he breaks his arm. Arms heal and life goes on...

author and wife

About the Author

I was a middle school teacher for 35 years. My wife died of cancer in 1990. Sixteen years later, I married my present wife, Judy. Since she was an author, I began to develop my long-held dream of being a writer. After recovering from prostate cancer in 2010 and lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma in 2018, I fell and broke my hip, and three weeks later broke my femur on the same side. After a stint in a nursing home, my wife has been my caretaker, laundress, cook, chauffeur, financial manager, book editor, etc.

Paul E. Vander Wege believes in the power of words to influence and make a difference. He understands that one cannot conquer the publishing world alone. So he partnered with a company that matches his values, and that is PageTurner Press and Media.

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